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NITRIC IGNITE NO2 Booster – L-Arginine Pre-Workout

L-arginine is an amino acid in the body which produces Nitric Oxide (NO) . NO is an excellent Pre-Workout because it is a vasodilator. Vasodilators dilates blood vessels. Nitric oxide is the muscle’s cell-signaling molecule responsible for blood flow, oxygen delivery, glucose uptake, power output, and muscle growth. An L Arginine Supplement is considered the best pre workout supplement available because it is a nitric oxide booster which is very beneficial for giving you oxygen delivery during a tough workout. L Arginine benefits are many and Nitric Oxide Supplements are in high demand, see what it offers below!

Many of Nitric Ignites users report:

  • Increased Recovery Rates – increased blood flow, oxygen delivery, resulting in more nutrients delivered post workout.
  • Reduced Fatigue Levels During Higher Reps
  • Enhanced Endurance and Performance – because endurance performance is heavily dependent on blood flow delivering oxygen (especially during rigorous endurance sports or training).
  • Increased Availability of Energy – better blood flow helps to regulate your bodies temperature.
  • Increased Glucose Use
  • Increased Muscle Pump – post workout, so you’ll be looking your best.


Clinical Studies on L-arginine

There have been many clinical studies investigating the effects of L-Arginine on Aerobic Capacity, Bodybuilding, Stamina and many more. Through these studies, there has been many positive results that have come out of this research for the effectiveness of L-Arginine as a NO2 Booster.

Aerobic Capacity and Fitness

Through the studies, researchers have demonstrated an increase in post-exercise nitrate excretion resulting in positive results for aerobic capacity. L-arginine also enhanced the synthesis of endothelium derived relaxing factors. This promotes muscle relaxation through a process of affecting the interior surface of blood vessels. This would also help explain what Nitric Ignite helps to enhance endurance and reduces fatigue for endurance athletes!


Many studies have found that L-arginine dietary supplements enhance the production of nitric oxide in the body which will significantly increase stamina. Stamina is critical for athletes for high intensity exercise.  Work a lot smarter, not harder and get the better results! These same studies have shown that athletes taking L-arginine were able to exercise 20% longer than the placebo group.


These clinical studies have a profound effect on bodybuilders. If you are able to spend more time in the gym, eat right, take quality sports supplements like Nitric Ignite and perform more repetitions, you’re going to get better results! With nitric oxide you will also be able to get that muscle pump you are looking for from your workouts. Overall, L-Arginine is a great addition to your Sports Supplement nutritional supplements regimen and Eiyo Nutrition’s product: Nitric Ignite will help get you over the finish line!  

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