Advanced Digestive Enzymes with Makzyme-PRO

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Advanced Digestive Enzymes from Eiyo Nutrition helps your body break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to assist the body in breaking down and assimilating nutrients to make more energy and give you more a healthier life force. This supplement helps the body regain the nutrients and enzymes that most people are missing out on due to their lack of raw foods from their diets.

Eiyo Nutrition’s Advanced Digestive Enzymes with Makzyme-Pro Enzyme Blend can be helpful in:

  • Assisting with Gas and Bloating Relief
  • Enhancing Nutritional Absorption
  • Assisting the Body in Breaking down Difficult Proteins
  • Supporting a Healthy Digestive System
  • Improving Overall Digestive Health
  • Helping to Absorb more Nutrients
  • Giving you a much needed Metabolism Boost
  • Digestive Support for Dieting and Weight Management


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