Why Turmeric Supplements Are So Important For Your Health?

Why Turmeric Supplements Are So Important For Your Health?

The world of health and nutrition has exploded in growth since communication via the internet became more pronounced. All kinds of health and life hacks have emerged from the furthest corners of the globe and are now becoming available to all of us. Things that have been benefiting small, select groups of people for generations are coming to light. Science is advancing beyond anything we’ve seen before, and that research is hitting the general public far faster than it could ever have been communicated before our information age. And we’re seeing people’s lives changed from these seemingly small pieces of information and recommendations. Turmeric is one of those life hacks that we are seeing profound benefits from. So today we’re going to be talking about why turmeric supplements are so important for your health.

We derive turmeric spice from the flowering turmeric plant, which grows primarily in Southeast Asia (you can see why the benefits of using turmeric hadn’t become widely known until the last couple of decades). Have you ever used turmeric in cooking? It’s often called for in Asian cooking, of all kinds. It’s also the main spice in curry. You may have noticed when using it that the orange-ish spice turns almost yellow, with heat and mixture. That’s curcumin, the “active ingredient” in turmeric that makes its health benefits so incredible. Curcumin, and thus turmeric, is known for reducing inflammation.

Ali Miller called inflammation “the root of chronic illness.” The Harvard Medical School published an article in 2006 titled, “Inflammation: a unifying theory of disease?” The famous Dr. Axe also cites inflammation as “the root of most diseases” and discusses in his article how turmeric supplementation can fight inflammation, systemically, throughout the body. But if the science is behind blaming inflammation as the culprit for a vast array of illnesses, how can we explain why the body even uses inflammation in the first place? Have you ever scraped a knee and seen the tissue around the scrape turn red and swell? Of course you have. All parts of the body swell and inflame whenever damage is done to that area. The body heals using inflammation, so long as the inflammation is not chronic.

Merriam-Webster defines inflammation as the body’s response to injury. The inflammation is a dilatation, allowing more blood vessels into the wounded area. It’s how the body removes toxins and heals itself. More healthy, clean blood in an area allows the body the resources it needs to cleanse itself. But there is a dark side to inflammation, which is why so many health practitioners are warning of its effects. In short, when your body has even low levels of chronic inflammation it can harm your joints, bones, soft tissues, organs, ability to sleep soundly, increases the risks of heart-related diseases or cancer, can cause depression, makes weight loss more difficult, and can make your skin break out. All of these, among many other possible symptoms. Essentially, what doctors are finding is that inflammation can cause any problem within the body that the body can experience.

So far, we’ve covered for you how inflammation is most likely the root of all chronic illness. We talked about how inflammation is beneficial for the body so long as the inflammation response turns off at the appropriate time (which it often does not in our modern world of poor diets and toxins). We began the article discussing how certain people around the world have found health hacks for these common problems we experience as humans. And we touched on the active ingredient in turmeric, called curcumin, and its inherent ability to reduce inflammation. Let’s go into a little more detail about reducing inflammation and the use of turmeric supplements.

We’ve seen people experience significant systemic improvements after taking turmeric supplements for only three months. Oftentimes, people start feeling better after taking turmeric supplements, but they can’t even explain why. They just “feel better.” When the body’s level of chronic inflammation is decreased – we call that a reduction of “allostatic load” (the body’s current level of overall stress and fatigue on its system – it starts to free of energy for all kinds of other beneficial tasks. When the body is experiencing constant pressure from inflammation, it sort of shuts down in various small ways. But taking turmeric supplements allows the body to reduce its inflammation and return to a more natural state. When the body is running like it’s supposed to, at its peak, it delivers more energy and resists disease. That’s how the body works. It naturally resists disease and pain when it has the resources it needs. Taking turmeric supplements allows the body the resources it needs to take away one of its biggest recurring problems – inflammation.

But how do you know which turmeric supplement to take? There are so many brands out there. You want to take turmeric supplements from a company you can trust. From a company that gives you the kind of information you’re finding in this article. We only take the time to write information for you like this so you can get the best health and wellness in your life. Turmeric curcumin supplements offer extraordinarily higher amounts of concentrated curcumin than you could deliver to your body by simply eating turmeric. Because turmeric supplements are concentrated packs of the spice, we can fit more active ingredients into one little pill than you could get from over a pound of turmeric. And best of luck eating a pound of turmeric. As delicious as the spice can be, it’s a bit strong for the taste buds! Far better to get everything you need from a simple supplement every day. It will cost you less and be easier on your body to ingest.

Thank you for taking the time for yourself to read about turmeric and improve your health. We hope that you have the best health and best life possible for you! We’d love to join you on the journey.

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