Things to do in Manassas Virginia

Things to do in Manassas Virginia

Manassas, due to its historical nature is popular among inquisitive minds. People generally travel there to learn about its local culture and take part in some of the activities done there. Many who visited can’t wait to revisit again.


There are so many things to do or explore in Manassas such as:

Historical Manassas National Battlefield Park: Here, you can learn the history behind the civil war and also explore its beautiful features. Although the Battle field doesn’t have the expected representation of a real battle but by paying attention to its details you could actually visualize the events of the war. This park is also a nice location for kids to have a nice time while learning the local culture of Manassas.

The Manassas museum: it is a must visit place while visiting Manassas, it houses so many historical items and cultural preservations that were carefully preserved by the people of Centreville as a reminder of their good and bad times, this museum tells detailed historic facts that broadens your knowledge about the region.

The Hylton Performing Art Center: is also a place to visit to watch the classic performance of Manassas finest Artistes. You could take an evening stroll to the theater with a date or alone and have a memorable time watching the town choir sing and also the creative plays as performed by the towns best actors.

The Bull Run Regional Park: is a well maintained park with many sites for reservation. It is a convenient campground, no sewage problems, a very nice park to visit with historical meaning. Kids visiting tend to build great memories that they don’t want to leave and long to return back to the park as soon as possible. It is also surrounded by a nice restaurant which you could get nice meals, updated bathroom facilities and a healthy environment. The main park opens yearly for hiking, picnics and family camping, while the Gatehouse opens only on weekdays and also on holidays for just eight hours in a day.

Ben Lomond Historic Site: The outstanding building of Ben Lomond was constructed for Benjamin Tasker Chinn in year 1832 and is surrounded by many controversial Historic events; it was used as a hospital during the battle of the first Manassas in 1861 and was occupied by the federal soldiers. The first attractions are the heirloom roses, followed by the detailed information about the civil war.  You will definitely enjoy every bit of history you learn from the building.


So, as you can see, Manassas, VA can be an exciting and rewarding trip for the entire family. Come visit us today!


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