Why Nitric Ignite from Eiyo Nutrition is a Great Pre-workout!

Why Nitric Ignite from Eiyo Nutrition is a Great Pre-workout!

Many year ago, researchers discovered that a natural gas produced in the body was capable of relaxing smooth muscles in the blood vessels, increasing oxygen and helping with blood flow. Since then, many scientific papers have been published documenting the important roles of Nitric Oxide supplements in vasodilation and cell communication.

Nitric Ignite is a Nitric Oxide supplement that helps the body to get the recommended amount of Nitric Oxide needed and it enables someone to engage in effective workout exercises by ensuring increased blood flow, oxygen delivery, and increased available energy. It also reduces fatigue, consequently enhancing endurance and performance.


What is Nitric Ignite?

Nitric Ignite contains Oxide (NO), which is a natural gas produced in the body by breaking down an amino acid called L-arginine in the presence of nitric oxide synthases enzymes. Nitric Oxide is very important in the body’s vascular system because it acts as a signaling agent in dilating blood vessels, increasing blood flow and delivering nutrients to the muscle cells.


What are Nitric Ignite Benefits?

Nitric Ignite is a very important pre-workout intake and it is extremely important for athletes especially body builders, because an increase in nutrients and oxygen delivery will mean you will be able to exercise longer.

During any physical exercise, there is an increase in cardiovascular activities and blood flow redistribution to muscle fibers. As you engage in exercise, the oxygen available for oxidation to produce the required energy become depleted. When there is no oxygen, the body will start producing Lactic Acid which will subsequently lead to fatigue which will abruptly end your exercise session.

Nitric Ignite ensures that this does not happen by reducing the amount of Lactic Acid produced during exercise, so it extends the amount of time you can exercise. This is achieved because Nitric Ignite will speed up the delivery of oxygen and the needed nutrients to the muscles. Nitric Ignite can also improve your response to exercise and help with an increase in sports performance.

Additionally, Nitric Ignite hastens the elimination of the ammonia generated during exercises and it increases glucose intake.


Eiyo Nutrition – Nitric Ignite – A pre- workout L-Arginine NO Booster

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