How Fast-Acting BHB Salts Can Supercharge Your Keto Diet

How Fast-Acting BHB Salts Can Supercharge Your Keto Diet

The low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet has gained widespread acceptance in a relatively short period of time thanks to a growing body of scientific evidence pointing to its effectiveness for both weight loss and extreme fitness. Oh, and some of the Kardashians have tried it, that never hurts.

However, achieving the diet's goal of entering a state of ketosis is notoriously difficult for many who give it a shot given the miniscule amount of carb consumption (about 50g per day or more) that it takes to prevent ketosis from being engaged. And carbs are in pretty much everything.

That's where Keto BHB salts come in, but first, let's talk about ketosis.

Why Ketosis is Awesome

Our bodies primarily burn carbs as our main energy source, which seems great on the surface, because most of us consume massive amounts of carbs already. However, what doctors and scientists are increasingly discovering is that carbs may not be the ideal energy source for our bodies.

You see, there's a second energy source our body can use called ketone bodies, which are metabolized from fatty acids only if the body first runs out of carbs to burn. These ketone bodies have been shown to confer several health benefits when burned that carbs do not, including the regulation and protection of mitochondrial function, and as a possible treatment for Alzheimer's Disease. Being in a state of ketosis even appears to suppress the effects of hunger, making it easier for those on the diet to eat less.

Anecdotal evidence also suggests that dieters enjoy more stable moods and less symptoms of depression and irritability while in ketosis. Rats also displayed fewer signs of "behavioral despair" (best scientific term ever!) when fed a keto diet according to a 2004 study.

How BHB Salts Blast You Straight Into Ketosis

So ketosis is great, but achieving it through normal means kind of sucks. Luckily, there's a sneaky shortcut to enter ketosis without all the hassle of starving yourself of carbs all the time.

BHB salts deliver a small dose of exogenous ketones to the blood, with studies showing that they can raise blood BHB levels by 0.6 - 1 mM shortly after consumption. While the effect won't be as long-lasting as actually being in a state of ketosis, it does provide some of the same benefits and enhances the amount of time you're being powered the more energy-efficient ketone bodies.

Keto BHB Salts Are Not a Miracle Cure

While anyone could take a shot of BHB salts to give themselves a small taste of ketosis, it's no magic bullet. The effects of BHB salts on their own won't be enough to confer anywhere near the full benefits of ketosis, no matter how often they're consumed alongside a regular diet. It's also not recommended to consume vast quantities of BHB salts given their high sodium content, particularly by those with high blood pressure.

Rather, they're ideally used by someone who's committed to living a keto lifestyle and is already in ketosis much of the time. On the occasions where they're knocked out of ketosis, they can turn to a simple remedy to keep some extra ketone bodies circulating throughout their blood until their carb levels drop below the ketosis threshold again.

Final Word

For keto practitioners who actively eat out (whether by choice or circumstance) or who like a sugary snack now and then, BHB salts are the perfect supplement. They can easily counteract some of the ketosis downtime that even the most diligent keto dieter is likely to experience now and then, maximizing the effects of their powerful diet.

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